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The Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM), is India's only Professionally Recognized Body of Material Management existing for over 25 years and is Chartered Member of the International Federation Of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) , which represents 42 countries from 6 continents, with a membership over one lakh professionals and has major influence on International Trade and the World Economy. IIMM has 35 branches and 19 chapters all over India and over 8000 members, from Private, Public and Government Organization. OUR MISSION is to Promote Professional Execellence in Materials management towards National Prosperity, through Sustainable Development.

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22 November 2014
Programme on Business Ethics
20 December 2014
Programme on Challenges and Constraints in S.C.M.
07 February 2015
A full day seminar on Cost Reduction through Innovations in S.C.M.
25 April 2015
Vision 2025
10 January 2015
Latest Trends in Packaging
31 January 2015
Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases
25 April 2015
Awards Finction - Vision 2025
25 April 2015
Vision 2025 - Managing Scalability through SCM